Running From The Lies

15 Mar

marion jones

Marion Jones was an Olympic medalists and was an inspiration to those around her. In 2000 she was the American darling at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. The United States cheered her on as she ran her way to 5 medals. She was celebrated as one of the greatest track and field stars. However this all came crashing down after it was discovered she had cheated her way to winning.

Marion Jones is a Los Angeles native, after attending the 1984 Summer Olympics she set the goal of becoming an Olympic champion. She set numerous records at her high school for track and field. She then continued her athletic career by playing Division I women’s basketball at the University of North Carolina, eventually leading the team to the NCAA title in 1994. She then went on to the 2000 Summer Olympics is Sydney and won 3 gold medals and 2 bronze.

It was discovered however that the elite Olympian, who was one of the greatest female athletes in the world at the time had take a steroid from the BALCO lab called “the clear”. The clear is a designer anabolic steroid,whose main purpose is to be used by athletes seeking to pass sports doping tests. The BALCO lab, located in San Mateo, California is most famous for its association with supplying MLB athletes with steroids. Athletes such as Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi have been suppled with their steroids through the lab. marion jones1

Eventually Marion Jones plead guilty to lying to two federal juries and spent 6 months in jail. Along with forfeiting  her medals, prizes, results, and points received after September 2000. “It’s with a great amount of shame that I stand before you and tell you that I have betrayed your trust,” Jones said. Also adding “I have been dishonest and you have the right to be angry with me. I have let (my family) down. I have let my country down, and I have let myself down,” she said “I recognize that by saying I’m deeply sorry, it might not be enough and sufficient to address the pain and hurt that I’ve caused you. Therefore, I want to ask for your forgiveness for my actions, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.” Jone’s boyfriend at the time Tim Montgomery found himself involved in steroid scandals as well and was banned from from track and field events.


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